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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Melky, Bartolo, and the Common Sense Gamble

One million dollars is not a lot of money.

There was a time where one million dollars bought you a lifetime's worth of relaxation and comfort.  Not any more. 

Melky Cabrera (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
One million dollars per year for your career sounds like a lot.  When your career is only on average just over five years and you're retired by around age 30, five million dollars for the next thirty to forty years of your life is not a lot.

It's the chance at an enhanced comfort and security for themselves and their families that led the San Fransisco Giants Melky Cabrera to test positive for testosterone this week.  It's that same desire that led Oakland A's pitcher Bartolo Colon to test positive today.  And few should blame them.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pre-Season Football: Like Looking in the Girls Locker Room

It's that time of year.  Preseason football is upon us and as per yearly tradition it's time for this:

If you were a red-blooded male in high school, at one point there wasn't much on your mind: sports, women, sports, women, food.

Your time was tempered by wondering what the girl of your choice would look like in the suit that nature had made for her.

Also, if you were like most red-blooded males, you knew you had zero chance of ever finding out.

However, there was one way. One hope. One wish. One dream.

The girls' locker room.