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Nicholas Case is the creator of Case and Point.  Over nine years in the media has seen him leave his mark in many areas, cementing his status as a multi-media star.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA and residing in Charleston, SC, Nick has made his mark on the broadcast field over several areas.  Starting in radio, he rose through the ranks from weekend jock to head producer and Assistant Program Director of what was the #1 sports station in his city.

From there he made a trip to Pittsburgh to work for the Pittsburgh Penguins, setting up his own weekly show that brought together a community of listeners, readers, and writers.

After heading back to Charleston he began working in TV broadcasts.  He's become the go-to production employee for all of Charleston, SC's televised and streamed sporting broadcasts.  Working for each sporting entity, while being trusted to run many productions, his resume boasts appearances with ESPN, NBC Sports, as well as several professional entities.

Through it all he's kept his radio roots firmly intact, helping iHeartMedia's Charleston affiliate covering the Carolina Panthers while also making a name for himself via podcasts.  Producing, and hosting, weekly shows for Case and Point, as well as, Nick has stayed fresh in all areas of media.

After his time with the South Carolina Stingrays, which saw him sixty minutes shy of earning a championship ring, he also added video production to his long resume.  Producing several well received, and highly praised, videos that commemorated the teams 23 game winning streak and run to the Kelly Cup, added a new layer to an already versatile resume.

Add in some sprinkles of movie and television experience spanning over nearly 20 years, Nick finds himself as someone with many stories to tell and an eagerness to find the next audience with which to share his unique views that span from the world of sports on to every form of entertainment.

A highly skilled, talented, and knowledgable media specialist, Nick looks to take the next step in his career.  With advanced audio and video production capabilities, a desire to win, a history of success, and a talent that cannot be taught, he is on the hunt for the next challenge and the newest world he can conquer.