Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st, 2010

If you've listened to the show or read my blog for any length of time, you know that I'm a fan. I love the sport. It can get in the way of my picks and opinions being a fan, but damn it... I'm a fan. I do try to remain professional, but I'm still a fan.

I face a large test to my professionalism coming up next Saturday. Thanks to the wonderful people with the Atlanta Thrashers I was given media credentials to see the Thrashers play next Saturday in Atlanta's Philip's Arena.

Now as Blueland makes a valiant push for their second ever NHL Playoff apperance I will be attending the final home game of the season not as a supporter of their team, nor as a supporter of the visiting team, but as a strictly professional reporter/media type.
Making this difficult, and also part of my decision to go to this particular game, is said visiting team for Saturday, April 10th at 7:00pm.
The Pittsburgh Penguins.

If you've read my blog or listened to my show you know I'm proud of where I come from, Pittsburgh. And as I mentioned, I'm a fan. And while I picked this game because it'll give me access to the players that I've always admired from afar, if comes with the caveat that I must be professional. No autographs, no pictures, and no hyperventilating when I'm within five feet of Sidney Crosby.

Too close. Can't breathe.
Will I be okay? I'm sure I will. I handled meeting Shaq and Lebron fairly well. I was nervous, yes, but I was still able to talk to them. And it was my first time dealing with a really big celebrity. It was a good lesson. Next weekend I'll have to show restraint and fortitude like none other when meeting people whom I've watched and almost idolized from afar. It will be an experience I'll never forget, even if I get to do it all again (here's hoping).
With all due respect to everyone in the Thrashers organization (a team I silently root for, wanting to see local teams succeed), I'm coming for the Penguins. I'm hoping to see a win. I will be respectful, though. No cheering and complete and total professionalism while I'm in the Press Box.
It's after wards while in the locker room area that I make no promises and hope you hold nothing against me.

Gnarls Barkley- Run

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