Friday, June 25, 2010

"Case and Point" Podcast: 6-25-10

Trying something new here. I'll try to do this every day or so (weekends not withstanding, save for special occasions). I give you the very first "Case and Point" Podcast:

Click the "Play" button.

In this Episode:
  • The DC Big Three- With the draft of John Wall, our Nation's capital now features three of the best young stars in their sports
  • Big and Buff in the ATL- Why the Atlanta Thrashers trade for Dustin Byfuglien could mean a return to the playoffs for Atlanta
  • The Four Year Itch- What the US Soccer Team could learn from the US Men's Hockey Team from the Olympics
  • South Carolina World Series- A brief break down of Clemson and South Carolina's College World Series meeing
Featuring the music of:
  • Phoenix- Too Young
  • Gorillaz- Stylo
  • The Hours- Ali in the Jungle
Another to follow Tuesday.

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