Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brett Favre- Back Again?

The waffling, the flip flopping, the mind games. Everyone says it's annoying. They're tired of the coverage. They're sick of him.

I will tell you right now what I've been saying since the end of the NFC Championship Game: Brett Favre is coming back.

I have no links, no leads, no inside sources. I have common sense.

Brett Favre is too much of a competitor. He's too driven and lets the little things eat at him far too much for him to retire right now. What do I mean?

When he retired from Green Bay for the last time, what was his final play?

When he was with the Jets, what was his last play?

Fast forward to the 46 second mark.

Last year, what was his last play?

Brett Favre is too competitive, driven, and cares too much about his legacy to go out like that. There's no chance his last play will be an interception.

This is Brett Favre's last year. No matter what. And he hopes that if he doesn't win the Super Bowl in Dallas, he goes out with the defense failing him or a Peterson fumble. He doesn't want to live with the taste of failure in his mouth. Not the team failure, his own failure.

He doesn't want to let the team down and doesn't want to be remembered for his last play being the play that let the team down. He has too much pride in himself. Yes, he cares about what happens to the team but lets face it, if he throws an INT as his last play then he has let the team down.

Brett Favre is coming back for one more, 20th year. He will play for the Vikings. It remains to be seen if they'll make it back to the NFC Championship Game, if he'll make it to the Super Bowl, or even make the Playoffs. In his mind, though, he's coming back to win. And if he doesn't win, he's coming back to make sure that his ending isn't another INT.

And when his season ends, and he officially retires, you will all miss the attention, the love of the game, and the passion that he brings. His aw-shucks attitude may make him seem aloof but you'll miss it. So enjoy one last season. Brett Favre will back for one more round and it will make this season all the sweeter.

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