Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dustin Johnson Screwed

I don't care what the PGA says, that was no longer a bunker. And why was there no official to inform him that he was in a bunker?

This is the second time in 2010 that a possible champion has lost due to an archaic rule that was violated. Brian Davis lost the Verizon Heritage earlier this year (in late April) when he brushed a reed, that's it, during a swing in a marshy area near the 18th green during the start of the playoff round. As a result of turning himself in, and the two stroke penalty, he lost to Jim Furyk.

Brushing a reed? He did not gain any advantage from doing this. It did not help his play. It did not help his swing or his strike. The only thing it did was lightly disturb the day of one solitary reed enjoying a day in the sun and some decent golf.

Could not be reached for comment.

Stupid and pointless rules like these are all the more reason the PGA remains a niche sport that will meet its popular demise once Tiger is done (more on that tomorrow).

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