Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Michael Vick named Eagles Starting QB

And with that, the controversy ends. Kevin Kolb left the opening game of the 2010 season about mid way through the game after leading an anemic Eagles offense to a full field goal. From there, all Michael Vick did was lead the team to 17 points and brought them back into the brink of a blow out to a respectable 27-20 finish.

In two games as a start he's used his arm and his legs to bring the Eagles to a 1-1 record, looking like the original Michael Vick who vaulted to stardom for the Atlanta Falcons in his early career. In doing so, he created a problem for head coach Andy Reid.

The recent departure of many long time Eagle staples like Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, and Brian Dawkins signaled that times were changing in Philadelphia. It then became the thought of many that the success or failure of 2007 second round draft pick Kevin Kolb would bring about the continued employment or demise of 11 year head coach Andy Reid.

Despite a Week Two victory over Detroit in which Michael Vick threw for 284 yards and two touchdowns, Reid insisted that Kolb would continue to be starter. Whether it was the fan fire storm or perhaps locker room dissension, word came out of Philly today that Michael Vick would continue to start for the Eagles for the foreseeable future.

This puts the Eagles in quite an odd position. The NFL is a win now league where knee jerk reactions and gut feelings rule the day. When it's what have you done for me lately and all you've done is throw for 457 yards and run for 140 in a game and a half of work, you'll get the benefit of the doubt.

However, the future is literally at stake. Kevin Kolb is missing a year of development, which puts the Eagles another year behind. Even if it were to result in a sub .500 year this year, the need for Kevin Kolb to play to solidify next year is great.

The Eagles have put themselves in a position that, one would suppose, is envious of any GM in the league. Do we run with the experienced legs who have proven without a doubt thus far to be a winner, or is the franchise entrusted to the future with whom they've worked to build around?

Perhaps not much has changed in one sense: the out come of the season will determine what happens to Andy Reid. If the Eagles finish out of the Playoff hunt with Michael Vick at the helm, his decision making will surely be second guessed and it'll quite possibly lead to the termination of his status as leader of the Eagles.

If the Eagles make the Playoffs under Michael Vick, a whole new problem is presented: this is the last year of his deal. If the Eagles make the Playoffs with Michael Vick as the starting quarterback, the off season fire storm will pale in comparison to what has been seen in the past two weeks. And it'll once again put Andy Reid directly in the cross hairs of the city of Philadelphia.

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