Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NFL Top 10- Week 6

Six weeks in and we have a better grasp on where every team in the NFL stands.  The first of a season long look at the Top 10 teams populating the NFL.

And now on to the list...

1.) Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1)

Go ahead, call me a homer all you want but look at the stats.  They are 30 seconds away from being 5-0.  Have yet to allow a running back to go over 60 yards in a game.  Oh, and their two time Super Bowl winning quarterback finally returns from a four game suspension.  A healthy D and a surging Rashard Mendenhall carried the team, now they are complete.  Very scary.

2.) Baltimore Ravens (4-2)

Joe Flacco is finally coming on and they're still waiting for the emergence of Ray Rice to really boost a potentially dangerous offense.  Mix in a defense which has been smothering without making many turnovers due to the continued absence of ball hawk Ed Reed and this is a team that is working towards being greater than they are now.

3.) New York Jets (5-1)

After a rough start to the season, Mark Sanchez is finally proving his doubters wrong.  He's got a bigger arm and better mind for the game than he expressed last year.  He's matured, as has the running game behind a resurgent LaDanian Tomlinson.  The only problem is a below average (for the Jets) defense.  The sooner Darrelle Revis is healthy the better.

4.) Atlanta Falcons (4-2)

Despite two losses, one in OT to the #1 Steelers, the Falcons still remain the best team in the NFC.  Where former thought-to-be's in New Orleans and Green Bay have lost oomph due to injuries, the Falcons have been able to over come small dings and bruises and used their depth at running back and a solid quarterback to lead the NFC South and NFC.

5.) New England Patriots (4-1)

Randy Moss who?  Deion Branch stepped right back into the Patriots uniform and acted like it was the early part of the decade again in leading the Patriots over the Ravens in over time.  As the young Patriots defense ages they'll get better, the question is how long that will take and will the Patriots be Super Bowl contenders as a result?

6.) Tennessee Titans (4-2)

It's not just the Chris Johnson show anymore in Tennessee.  His numbers exploded when Vince Young was back at the helm last season, his yards per game increasing by roughly 50 yards.  Vince Young become an important part of the offense.  This year he became an even bigger part as Johnson has been under his 2000 yard pace.  Kerry Collins is a capable back up who should handle the load while Young is out.

7.) New York Giants (4-2)

A rough 1-2 start has given way to a Giants defense on a resurgence of sorts.  Ahmad Bradshaw has picked up his end of the deal as well, ranked 3rd in the NFL in rushing.  It's allowed Eli Manning to be the quarterback that is needed, a game manager and not a game changer.  All is well in the Giants world and they are looking like the Giants that sneaked into the Playoffs as a Wild Card team some years ago.  You may know how that story ended.  If you don't ask the 18-1 Patriots.

8.) Houston Texans (4-2)

An early season win over the Colts made the Texans the front runner in the AFC South.  Unfortunately a later loss to the Dallas Cowboys, their only win on the season, made you wonder exactly how good they can be.  Arian Foster has done a good job carrying the load during the issues of Matt Schaub and the injuries to Andre Johnson, perhaps the best receiver in the game, but the defense needs to pick up the pace.

9.) New Orleans Saints (4-2)

When the Saints are healthy, they look unstoppable.  The problem becomes when one injury befalls the offense then the unit does not look the same.  It was seen last year when Jeremy Shockey went down and the Saints lost their final three games.  With Reggie Bush out, the Saints offense lacks the same punch it has with him.  The Saints will continue to win, but until Bush is healthy it's far from as sure as it has been.

10.) Philadelphia Eagles (4-2)

The good news for the Eagles is that it seems that anyone at Quarterback seems to be just fine.  After a rough start to the season, and re-claiming the starting role after a Michael Vick injury, Kevin Kolb has once again looked like the Kevin Kolb of last year that made the Eagles confident enough to trade away Donovan McNabb.  Perhaps the biggest obstacle now will be the loss of DeSean Jackson with a concussion.

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