Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An Apology to Tom Brady

TO: Tom Brady
c/o New England Patriots
Gillette Stadium
Foxboro, MA 02035

Dear Tom,

First off, I know my lack of support for you has been devastating to your psyche over the past ten years and for that I start my apology.  I have clearly under estimated you.  I know, you have all of the stats in the world but I never gave you enough credit.  Looking at all of your Super Bowl wins it always, to me, came down to, "Adam Vinatieri always won if for them."  Regular season?  "Eh, over rated."  It's never been more apparent that I'm wrong.

As recently as a few weeks ago I called your team, and by extension you, over rated.  This coming off a rough week before against Cleveland.  Your defense had been extremely penetrable and the team had been all on your arm.  Add to that the loss of Randy Moss and I figured you were all but done.  Boy was I ever wrong.

Little did I realize that Moss was actually holding you back.  Ever since playing my beloved Steelers, what have you done?  As if you need reminding, here you go:

91 of 124 at 73.4% for 1203 yards, 13 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.

You win.  I bow to you.  You're the best in the league.  Still not sure about best ever (sorry, Joe Montana still has a lock on that one...) but in terms of poise you get the ring.  When it comes to leadership, it's clear that team is you and Bill Belichick.  You find a way to continue to get better even when you're already great.  To maintain homer status, you and Sidney Crosby are kin.

I'll completely ignore the other intangibles such as your genuine good looks (though your cleft chin throws me off), the fact that you're married to an actual supermodel, and that you could run for king of New England and actually be voted in by a 95% margin (+/- 5% margin of error).

Can your team over come it's defensive woes?  It's starting to seem that way.  Your ground game is still iffy but you can work the short passing game as well as anyone.  Check downs and short out routes are your forte.  It's hard to defend that and as of right now it makes you, and your team, tops of the NFL.

So in summary Tom, I'm sorry I doubted you.  You're damn good.  I never doubted you were a sure fire Hall of Famer but you're becoming a machine again, one that doesn't commit errors and can do just about anything.  All that said, I hope the next time the Steelers see you they knock that smile off of your face.  Nothing personal... I just hate you.

Nick Case
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