Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Top Five Sports TV Shows- #4

It's the Case and Point list of the Top Five Sports TV Shows.  So far we've gone over a special honorable mention plus our fifth ranked TV show.  To see who ranks fourth in our list, click below to read more!

*My huge TV knowledge revolves around pretty much anything from 1990, which even then is limited until about 1995 for the full spectrum of shows.  Oh, and for this case ignoring reality shows like Hard Knocks and HBO's 24/7.

4. The League (2009-Current)
If you're reading this you've played fantasy football at least once.  You've tried it and may have stuck around with some of the same people.  You will zing each other about stupid trades, bad beats, and winning it all in spite of the best the others may bring.  Little did you know that you were sitting on a gold mine for one of the funniest TV shows currently airing.

The League revolves around five friends as they take on each other throughout the football year in a "friendly" fantasy football league.  The random exploits that surround the goings on of Pete Eckhart (Mark Duplass), Rodney Ruxin (Nick Kroll), Taco MacArthur (Jonathan LaJoie), Kevin MacArthur (Stephen Rannazzisi) and Andre Nowzik (Paul Scheer) plus the helping wife of Kevin, Jenny (Katie Aselton) who is the co-manager of their team are the basis for every week as they find a new way to slam each other for losing in embarrassing fashion or just plain bad trades (for instance, Andre's trading for Plaxico Burress while Burress served time).

Fantastic catch phrases have developed from the two seasons of The League.  As the various players have vied for their year of clutching the Shiva (their year end champion trophy) they've introduced such phrases as the fear boner, eskimo brothers, El Cunado, and the white knuckler.  Look them up, you'll be happy you did.

The League is a show that anyone who plays fantasy football can identify with in one way or the other.  This makes the show appealing and it's comedy all the more hilarious.  The way it hits close to home, yet remained delightfully out of whack and in left field, draws you in.  The fact that they are also able to draw in famous football players of past and present (Terry Bradshaw, Chad Ochocino, Joshua Cribbs, Terrell Suggs, and more) really digs into the deepest wishes of every fantasy football player: the ability to talk to players and gain an inside edge.

The only concern for The League is the other league.  How can their be fantasy football without any football?  For loyal fans and those just discovering this comedy gem, we may have to wait until 2012 for another chance to lift the Shiva.  And that's a damn shame.  Though if you need to catch up, now is the perfect time.
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