Monday, April 9, 2012

Case and Point for Charity

Last year in the post The Beauty and Burden of the (Playoff) Beard the tradition of the playoff beard was explained.  This year, given my minor ties to a team in the NHL playoffs, the beard is being grown out.  And with Beard-A-Thon, you can help!
For the 2012 NHL Playoffs I will be growing out my playoff beard to support the Penguins and for a good cause: The Mario Lemieux Foundation.  I, along with others, are growing for Beard-A-Thon.

Simply click here for my Beard-A-Thon profile to donate under my profile.  Check back to the site regularly to see the facial hair sprout!  I have a modest, if unattainable, goal of $500 and would love to get as close to possible with your help!  And it's all for a great cause!  So donate now and often!
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