Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fans, Intimacy Bring Top Players to Charleston

We continue our work on location from the Family Circle Cup!

Charleston, SC is known for many things.  History, food, a small city that's easy to navigate, and according to many publications, their people.  It's what brings millions of tourist flocking to the wonderful city on the ocean year after year.  But what is it that keeps the contestants of the Family Circle Cup coming back year to year?  Nothing too different.

Charleston, SC
"The fans, they're all so welcoming." said Marion Bartoli, the world's seventh ranked women's tennis pro.  "The small stadium is a nice change after coming from such a large atmosphere like Miami." she commented.  She wasn't the only one to speak as such of the Charleston area.  Said 20th in the WTA Jelena Jankovic, "The fans are so supportive, I absolutely love it here." adding with a chuckle, "I love the city, it's so beautiful and full of my favorite things to do like shopping and eating".  They are far from alone in this view.

Former World's number one, and current number nine, Serena Williams returned to Charleston after four years away from the Family Circle Cup.  What made this such an important stop on what hopes to be a return to the top after several health related issues?  "I just love the people here.  I have so many fans and they're all so nice."

Family Circle Cup Stadium
It's an attitude that the city as soon as you spend more than a few hours there.  A laid back, casual, close approach that everyone feels.  It's what keeps the best of the Women's Tennis Association coming back year after year and showing their comfort, offering up ample time for fans to talk, take pictures, and sign autographs.

For tourists and stars alike the beauty, comfort, and cozy nature of Charleston, SC keeps them coming back.  For players is means a laid back, fun way to compete.  Year after year for fans and tourists it means more of the best and high quality tennis you can find in a beautiful, historic setting.

To learn more about the Family Circle Cup visit their website at FamilyCircleCup.com.  To find out more about Charleston, SC simply go to CharlestonCVB.com.
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