Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9th, 2010

My blogs usually attempt to be humorous. This one is not, nor will it approach humorous. This is dead serious.
Ben. What are you doing?
I'm dead serious right now. What are you thinking?
You're 28 years old. You've won two Super Bowls. You're making $100 million.
What are you doing in college bars, putting yourself in such a position to be accused of such acts (assuming you didn't do them, which I'm believing is a stretch at this point)?
One whack job woman claiming you did it is one thing. Everyone can over look that and say it's a money grubber who had sex with you and decided to change her mind afterwards to try to get some cash out of you.
Two is a disturbing trend that makes it seems much more likely that you did it. Especially the way the story is shaping up right now. What a spot you've put yourself in.
I'm not entirely shocked, though. For a couple years I've known about your personality. I've known you were a questionable person from first hand experience through friends who ran into you here in Charleston but I shrugged it off, thinking that you were "my douche bag" because you won Super Bowls. I took the good with the bad and accepted it, hoping things would come down to earth as you got older.
The latest incidence clearly means that it hasn't.
Even before the allegations in Georgia hit, you were here. The weekend it snowed, you were in town hopping around bars, including yours (which I won't name here). You were upstairs playing beer pong. At just shy of 28.
Don't get me wrong, I love beer pong. It was a ton of fun when I was in college. I stopped playing, though. I matured and decided that pounding beers was not the best way to spend my free time.
This is clearly not something you've learned as the witnesses who encountered you downtown while you partied indicated. Even more disturbing is the fact that you clearly don't take care of yourself. Numerous people commented on "how fat" you looked.
I know you're a big country boy so you're never going to be Adrian Peterson cut and ripped, but you should never be fat. Shape the hell up, Ben. Take care of your body, quit acting like a kid. You're almost 30. I'm almost 26 and behaving better than you.
As a Steelers fan that still has a tiny shred of respect for you I plead you: Shape up or it will take years off your body and end your career much earlier than it should end. That is unless the NFL or the police don't end it before then.

Editors- Racing Rats

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