Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pens Need Black Friday

Hooooo boy.  So... once again we, as Penguins fans, find ourselves rooting for the walking wounded.  No Martin, Bennett, Scuderi, Glass, and others.  Now the Pens icescape is littered with names we've barely seen.  Not much to give thanks for as a fan.  Is it time to make some deals?

Miss Me Yet?

With all but like four teams still in the playoffs Ray Shero is sure missing Joe Nieuwendyk.  Sadly ol' Joe is now more Circuit City than Best Buy.  So it's time to go Black Friday shopping for some help!

Say, Buffalo... you're not going anywhere any time soon.  How would you like to send us Steve Ott at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day?  Pretty please?  We'll give you a draft pick!  Low one, though.

Hey Florida... hey guys, how ya doing?  I know it's sunny there, we know.  You tell us ALL OF THE TIME.  Ugh, anyway... pay some of his salary and we'll take a slightly used Tomas Fleischmann.

Columbus?  Welcome to the neighborhood!  As part of the welcoming committee we'll be happy to have Dubinsky come over and play for a bit.

Islanders.  Yo.  Sup?  Cal Clutterbuck seems like a pretty cool guy, eh?  Fights people and doesn't afraid of anything.  Can we work something out?

Dear Winnipeg, we'll trade you Dejan for Blake Wheeler.  Trust us, you're getting the better end of that deal.

"Winnipeg?  More like Winnerpeg!"
Nashville: Look, we just want Carrie Underwood but we'll take Mike Fisher in the process.

Dallas, we feel bad.  You can sit this one out, mmkay?

Perhaps Calgary can shed some of their Dollar Store items for a song?  Please?  Little help?

Hey Edmonton how about... actually, no.  We're good.  Thanks though.

The Pens will make it through this.  In the end things will even out and they'll make the playoffs as a high seed.  Just be patient in the mean time.  Give Bylsma a break.  He's working with a short deck of cards.  Asking for his head right now is foolish.

Unless the Pens go shopping.  In which case here's hoping that HDTV is cheap.
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