Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Penguins Carol

It's Christmas Day!  The best way to celebrate?  A Christmas Carol!

'Twas the day of Christmas and Consol was a-glow.
Every Penguin was present, including a Beau.
On IR hung in the press box with care
In hopes that healed wounds would soon be theirs.
In the team meeting all good things were said
As visions of Stanley Cups raised in team's heads
While Jacques in his suit and Disco in his cap
Gave the team drills on the neutral zone trap
When out on the ice was a big commotion
And every player gasped with great emotion
Out of the room they flew very quick
They had a sneaking suspicion it may be St. Nick
The rink was dusted with skate shaved snow
And the stranger's presence made their excitement show
As the building lit up, every room all a-glow,
It caught the attention of a certain Mario.
Sixty-six emerged
so lively and quick
to see if it was, indeed, jolly old Nick.
Reindeer and on ice, sleighs on the rink
This is generally something that would truly stink.
Instead all was welcomed as he whistled and shouted names,
"On Sidney, on Geno, on Duper and Kunitz!
On Fleury, on Orpik, on Bennett, on Sutter!
From the front of the net!  To the top of the point!
Shoot the puck!  Shoot the puck!  Shoot the puck, all!"
While the players appreciated the sound advice
They shook their heads rapidly
From upon the ice
As Consol emptied of the surprising special guest
They were comforted by knowing
they always try their best.
And then from the press box there came a loud noise
It was the injured players leaving, "Let's go boys!"
In skates were Brooksy, Letang, Scuds and more
Happily they walked through the locker room door
They all looked ready to end their IR tour.
All knew that Santa was magic and true
But the ability to heal?  Well... who knew?!
A smile crossed his mouth
as he stroked his "playoff" beard
To see such key players back was special, not weird.
"A full roster going forward is really all I ask."
exclaimed Ray Shero, as Santa was up for the task
He shot the team a wink and reached for his sack
dipping it over his shoulder and off of his back
Giving each player a gift, he wished each of them well
Their real wish of the Stanley Cup? "It's too soon to tell."
From super stars to call ups, each player was in shock
As the big man from the North in his boots began to rock
Walking back to his sleigh he waved to his new friends
Wishing them all well on the ice, at both ends!
All said with his eyes, not a single word was spoken
Leaving all to wonder of records to be broken
As wins were assured by the newly healthy team
They all rubbed at their eyes to make sure it's not a dream
Then away the group flew, finding a way out of the dome
Leaving each Penguin for a tale to tell back at home
He was heard to exclaim as his sleigh began to ascend
"Merry Christmas to all and to all let's go Pens!"
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