Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Outside Hockey: Prologue

Over the next month I'll be writing four pieces on outdoor hockey, a view from each way I'll have experienced it:

As an outsider
As a participant
As an insider
As a fan

You guys can help me, too!

By the conclusion of this series the Pittsburgh Penguins will have played in three outdoor games.  My series will be about my view of each event, as well as my opportunity to play outside.  I want YOUR stories as well!

Write to me at, find me on Twitter or on our Facebook page and let me know your memories of outdoor hockey.

Tell me about the first Winter Classic.

Tell me about your experience at the Water Classic at Heinz Field.

Tell me about your thoughts on Chicago and the Stadium Series.

Give me your best pond hockey story.

Even talk to me about playing on Mario's rink!

I want to know all about your experiences!  I'll be sharing mine over the next month.  By the end I want YOUR view as well!

The series starts next Wednesday with my memories of watching the original Winter Classic from my house.  You can have been present or have been a bystander, I want to know your memories of outdoor hockey!  Positive, negative, neutral.  Tell me something good!, or to let me know!
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