Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Give Us Stories

Thursday.  Thursday the humdrum ends.  Thursday it all begins again.  Thursday the season starts anew for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Thursday can't come soon enough.

Done and stale are the story lines of the off season.  Malkin is practicing.  A new coach is on board.  A new GM has been hired.  It's all so blasé by now.  The work outs are over.  Camp is done.  The preseason is finished.  Fans have 82 regular season games to look forward to and an entire season's worth of stories to be told.

Rare will a story line become stale during the season.  As every game unfolds a new tale is told.  Who was the hero?  Who was the goat?  Who has a streak?  Who is injured?  Who is dominating?

Fresh moments.  New arguments.  No more lamenting about the past or relying on re-runs to get your taste of what you want.  It's all live for 82 nights.

How will the Penguins play under new coach Mike Johnston?

How will the Jim Rutherford revamped roster play out?

Which Steve Downie will we see?

What happens with Paul Martin?

Will Thomas Greiss replace Marc-Andre Fleury?

Will Sid stay healthy?

How will Geno do without Neal?

How will Patric Hornqvist fit in?

Who surprises the fans?

Who lets them down?

It's a new season.  It's 82 games.  It's months of stories.  Months of debate.  Most importantly: Answers.

Welcome back, Pittsburgh Penguins.  When the puck drops tomorrow the weight will be lifted off of a nation of fans and the stories will begin cranking out.  New articles, new debates, and new thoughts will sprout.  And it's about damn time._________________________________________________________
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