Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Podcast: Radio: PI Post Game - Penguins vs Sharks SCF Game 4 6/6/16

Radio:PI Post Game gives you the immediate thoughts and feelings of the Pens Initiative gang and you, the fan.

From Metallica performing the National Anthem, to both teams feeling like it's a necessary win, game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final had everything you want in a big game. After another win, the Penguins now sit one more from claiming the fourth Stanley Cup in franchise history.

Mike Asti hits the Pens Initiative airwaves and delivers another victory of his own.

What triggered Malkin's eruption? Did Letang have his best game of the series? Despite generating more shots, why are the Sharks still struggling so much?

The Penguins are on the verge of sipping from hockey's holy grail. Get excited and enjoy some Stanley Cup post game radio gold!
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