Thursday, March 2, 2017

Nick Bonino and Frank Corrado, a One-Sided Bromance

Yesterday at the trade deadline the Penguins swooped in with a pair of moves, one that netted 23 year old puck moving defenseman Frank Corrado from Toronto.  Turns out he's already been a fan of one of the Penguins.

Corrado was drafted by Vancouver in 2011 and had a cup of coffee with them while Nick Bonino and later Penguin Tom Sestito were a member of the Canucks in 2014-15.  That's when the wooing of Bonino began by Corrado.

Then teammate Kevin Bieksa chimed in to end the day:

A quick glance of Nick Bonino's list of those he follows shows no Frank Corrado.  Maybe that'll change soon.
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