Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Rumored Running List of Las Vegas Selections

The Vegas Golden Knights are A Thing.  It'll be official very soon and in the mean time there are the usual leaks of nuggets here and there.  Here's a running list of those leaks:

Toronto Maple Leafs

 Los Angeles Kings

 Calgary Flames
Editor Note: LOLOL

Anaheim Ducks
St. Louis Blues

Editors Note: Translation is "David Perron will be claimed by the Golden Knights of Las Vegas during the expansion draft according to a source near the player. #VGK"

New York Islanders
Minnesota Wild

Detroit Red Wings

Philadelphia Flyers

San Jose Sharks
Edmonton Oilers
Boston Bruins
Ottawa Sentaors

Chicago Blackhawks

Florida Panthers

Columbus Blue Jackets

 Tampa Bay Lightning

Montreal Canadiens

Nashville Predators

Dallas Stars

New York Rangers

Pittsburgh Penguins

Editor's Note: I don't want to talk about it

Washington Capitals
Buffalo Sabres and New Jersey Devils
We'll have more as they develop as we await word on Colorado, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Arizona, and Carolina.
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