Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Thanks, That Was Fun

It's 2019 and that means some things need to be left in the past. In this case it includes this very blog.

For six years it's been an honor and a fun privilege to speak to you, the fan, on the team we love so much: the Pittsburgh Penguins. In that time we've been to some amazing places, literally and figuratively (from outdoor games to the top of the charts twice). We've had a number of regulars and contributors and we've had fun the whole way. However it's time to hang them up.

Look, there are a LOT of Penguins blogs. We've outlived a few and felt included in the rest. While we were never Pensburgh, PensBlog, or any of the other OGs of blogging we felt we belonged. And that was cool.

We interviewed Dejan Kovacevic (before he was a known creep), the mayor of Pittsburgh, Bob Grove and many more. We broke news, we were on the scene, and we were live.

We've had so many people grace our digital pages to go on to bigger, better things. Regulars like Mike Asti, Rob Ullman, and Nick Case have gone on to large things that saw this site used as a springboard. Part timers like James Santelli made things beyond this happen and we were a part of it. Beyond these examples are many more we did not include with names too numerous to remember.

We were just another Pens blog but internally we were family, with friendships inside and outside of this blog made along the way because of this blog. Without it, and you, we would be missing something. We were all honored you were there along the way to make it happen.

We plan to continue on as a social media presence (our Facebook and Twitter still alive and well) but a blog has become too hard to maintain. We're all on to full time, big boy jobs that have made keeping up with things and ramming out a five minute article just too hard. We will still serve you some how, some way. As far as print, well... this is it. And for you to have followed from the start, we're beyond thankful.

Our legacy, meager as it may be, will live on in those who have moved on and used us as a springboard. With those who are still active on social with their opinions and thoughts on the Pittsburgh Penguins. With every article we put out through two Cup wins and many other seasons.

Thank you all for reading Pens Initiative. Thank you for being a part of our lives. Thank you for every click, opinion, and troll. This is the end of this blog, but the season's over half over and the Penguins are good again. While we may not be typing words, the message we will leave with and echo as long as this domain is active are these...

Let's go Pens.
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