Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29th, 2010

I know I told you I was going to do a position by position break down on the Pittsburgh Steelers season this week but you know what? I lied.


Instead, I have to share with you a story of something surreal that happened to me recently. And please don't take this as my doing some name dropping, because that's not what it is.

It all started last week when I wanted to start putting together a fantastic guest list for you loyal listeners for a Super Bowl Super Star Showcase (which you can find by clicking below):

I wanted interviews with big names in the football world, from players, coaches, TV and radio announcers and various journalists. I've done a good job to date booking John Clayton of ESPN, former Raider and Eagle and player in Super Bowl XXXVII and Super Bowl XXXIX Jon Ritchie, plus THE Dan Patrick and NFL all time leading scorer Morten Andersen. My story involves the latter two.
Early in the week I'm shooting e-mails back and forth with Paulie Pabst, arranging a Wednesday apperance for Dan Patrick.

Nice hair.
On Tuesday I get a call back from Morten Andersen.

He's so tiny.
We are trying to figure out a day. I tell him, "Well, Wednesday isn't good because we have Dan Patrick on."

"Oh, tell Dan I said 'Hi!'"

"Sure thing, will do." and we decide on an interview for today.
Wednesday comes around and the line rings. It's Paulie. "Hey Nick, it's Paul. I've got Dan on the line."
There was a moment of silence and I hear, "Hey, hello! This is Dan."

"Oh, hey Dan."

"Real quickly, Dan" I continued, "Big fan and all that jazz, but I was talking to Morten Andersen the other day when trying to book him and mentioned you. He said to say hi."
"Oh wow! Tell Mort I said hi!"

Hi Mort!
Naturally, when I talked to Mr. Andersen earlier today to confirm him joining us on the show today I passed along that Dan said hello. He was happy.

Dan said "Hi"!
Somehow I'd become the middle of a pleasantries back and forth between two very famous people. How strange. How bizzare. How surreal.
To add to it, while talking to Don Beebe today (who will be joining us Wednesday) he said that he was going to be flying to Miami during the week to do Super Bowl media with Leon Lett.

Yep. Those two.
What a weird, wonderful week. Gotta love it.

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