Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5th, 2010

Indianapolis Colts

New Orleans Saints

Joe Robbie Stadium, Pro Player Park, Pro Player Stadium, Dolphins Stadium, Land Shark Stadium, Sun Life Stadium

Two epic offenses take center stage in the biggest night of the year. Names and faces are familiar, but one is not to this stage. Who ever thought that the Who Dat Nation would see the day that their Saints made the Super Bowl? That day is here, folks.
Unfortunately for them they're up against a buzzsaw that may not only be their equal but someone who, when they won 15 in a row, was actually better than them in winning 16 in a row.

The Colts have looked beatable at times this season. Against Miami they controlled the ball less than 1/3 of the time. Against the Texans, twice, they needed Kris Brown to screw up in order to come out on top. Fact remains, though, they've won two playoff games in dominating fashion despite giving up on a perfect season (grumblegrumble). The Saints looked dominant 24/7 until three painful losses in a row to the hot Dallas Cowboys, sorrowful Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the decent Carolina Panthers.

This match up comes down to two people, and neither of them play for the Saints. This match up comes down to Peyton Manning and Dwight Freeney. If Dwight Freeney does not play at all, the Colts defense becomes much more questionable. There's also the "Remember Me" hits that Saints defensive co-ordinator Gregg Williams promised to deliver. If Peyton Manning can push past any of those hits that may actually be landed on him, then the Colts have nothing to worry about at all. It'll be a fun shoot out. Enjoy it while having your chips, dip, and buffalo wings. And maybe some pizza.

PREDICTION: Colts overcome the Saints 35-24

To recap:

Colts over the Saints 35-24

Now this just my opinion. It's not for financial gains since there’s a very, very good chance I’ll be wrong on it.

No. Don’t do it.

So just soak it in, listen to this games this weekend on WSPO…

You know the station.

...and next week we're back to my random ramblings. Sucks for you!

Youth Group- Shadowland

It's that time, folks. The big game is but two days away. One last prediction/breakdown/epic failure for me in this lovely blog of mine.
Enough jibber jabber.

Ain't got time for it.

Let's get to the picks.

Wonder if she found anything...

Super Bowl XLIV
Sunday February 7th at 6:00

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