Saturday, April 16, 2011

Family Circle Cup Media Blast

The folks at the Family Circle Cup in Daniel Island, SC were nice enough to grant us complete access to an event happening in our own back yard.  For a week the top players in woman's tennis competed for a large pay check and a new title to make their own.  We at Case and Point were lucky enough to be there for the big events and here is the visual proof.

We started on the first day of the Tournament, April 4th, 2011.  It was Media Day and everyone was invited to spend time talking to the highest eight seeds in the game.

As I entered the grounds I was greeted by the early spring beauty of Charleston, SC.

From the front gate I entered...

...I made my way to the media tent...

...and found my way to the players.

Following that I wandered around the media tent for a bit.

I found various items signed by the players to be auctioned off for charity later...

...and I found beer.

After contemplating whether or not to have any (I didn't that day) I went to the court to check out some action.

And a panorama from my seats.

Full image can be viewed here
 And a view from the "cheap seats".

I also took time to say "Hi" to the ESPN crew.

I wandered back to the media tent for a moment to get my free hat...

...then with a cold and class that day, I called it a day and would return Saturday...

...and return I did.  I arrived for the "Game, Set, Rock" match with John McEnroe, Todd Martin, Martina Navtratilova, and Chris Evert but came early to get a tour of the grounds.

Grounds Tour

After that it was night fall and Game, Set, Rock took the court so I took my seats.

Full picture can be viewed here
Game, Set, Rock

It was a light affair with the players mic'd, lobbying volleys and jokes that lasted well into the night.  It was soon time to head home and then do it all again tomorrow for the championship: World's Caroline Wozniacki vs. Elena Vesnina

Full picture can be viewed here

Family Circle Cup Finals

In the final press conference, Elena Vesnina showed off her new trophy before taking off to play in the Doubles Finals (which she and her partner would win):

And champion Wozniacki took a few moments to talk before catching a plane.

And as she took off, so did I.  That was it for the 2011 Family Circle Cup.  A HUGE thank you to the people at the Family Circle Cup and the WTA for allowing us to be here and we hope to see you next year!

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