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CaP Archives: No Tom Brady A-OK

Before starting Case and Point I had been writing for years.  Some of that writing took place on Bleacher Report.  The summer time is traditionally pretty dull so I figured what better time to look back at some of my favorite pieces from Bleacher Report?  Today, why No Tom Brady was A-OK

Dont Let Talking Heads Fool You: No Brady is A-OK
Originally Published: September 9th, 2008

As I watched football on Sunday, excited to see my Steelers devour an overwhelmed Houston Texans, I heard the good news that I'd been waiting to hear for years: Tom Brady not playing.

Now I'm not a black hearted person by any means. I want to see Brady fail on his own abilities. I don't like to see anyone hurt. It's always a shame when a player's season is lost to injury, especially when it's a quarterback (Ben, wear a helmet).

However, enough had been enough of Brady and unfortunately, it wasn't going to end unless one thing happened. And Sunday it did.

I was anxious to hear the pundits of pro football amble on about how big of a loss it would be for the New England Patriots, as they'd crossed into "Please Let Them Fail" territory. Instead, all I begin to hear is a barrage of something that struck me as not only garbage but utterly ridiculous.

"This is horrible for the NFL."

"No Tom Brady is a tragedy for pro football."

"The NFL suffered a huge loss by Tom Brady being out for the season."

I had to shake my head, do a double take, and turn up the volume to make sure I was hearing this correctly:

 "Tom Brady's injury is awful for the NFL."

Are you serious?

Tom Brady is one man. He's an extremely talented man, but one man. He's part of a machine that has games like San Fransisco and Arizona in pre-season draw ratings that my beloved NHL would die for.

Tom Brady has lead the NFL's best team this decade to several championships, destroying the hopes and dreams of fans along the way who believed, "This was our year."

Tom Brady became synonymous to many as to what they hated about the NFL.

He is attractive in spite of his butt-chin, he does date Super Models, he wins at what ever he does, he's cocky, he's everything the average fan wanted to be growing up but they're not. And he does it effectively.

For this, 90% of fans hated Tom Brady.

 For this, 90% of the NFL is happy he's out for the season.

Now 90% of fans once again feel like they have a chance.

Charger fans are breathing easier knowing they don't have to go through New England. Colts fans are taking the pins out of their voodoo dolls. Steelers fans are no longer using their Terrible Towels to wipe up tears.

Cowboy fans are praising the Star in the middle of the field.  Jaguar fans are... I guess caring.

Tom Brady being out for the season is GOOD for the NFL.  It gives more teams a better chance to win. It gives more fans hope of seeing their team lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy. It gives everyone hope that this, truly, is the year.

The only people Brady being out are bad for are Patriots fans and the media themselves.

Brady being out is awful for the media. They now have to find something else to talk about for 16 weeks, other than how great Tom Brady is, or how big of a juggernaut the New England Patriots are.

Now journalists can do their jobs and stop fellating the Patriots. Quite frankly, I'm happy about that.

Get well Tom. Not too quickly, though. The Black and Gold have a sixth trophy to lift before you do

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