Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NBA Finals Predictions

It was a rocky go of it for the first two rounds, managing to go .500 (6-6) but a stride has been hit in the conference finals after going 2-0, taking the overall record in the NBA playoffs to 8-6.  No matter what there can be pride in finishing over .500 but let's go for three games over, what do you say?  Without further time wasted it's the predictions for the 2011 NBA Finals.


#2 Miami Heat

#3 Dallas Mavericks

Regular Season Series- Mavericks win 2-0

They were the big three that everyone loved to hate.  As soon as The Decision was made they became the brunt of everyone's dislike in the NBA and even the sports world.  They had doubters about their depth, their coaching, and whether or not the basic idea was even right.  Instead the Miami Heat found their way to the NBA Finals in their first season as the group that was expected to pile up titles until retirement.

Throughout the regular season they would show spurts of greatness.  They would go on streaks where they would look utterly unstoppable and look like the best team in the league, bar none.  Then just as quickly they would look like an average playoff team that may do some damage but would be lucky to advance very far.  It seems the right Dallas Mavericks have found their way to the NBA Finals.  The question is can Dirk, Kidd, and company keep the magic going or will they come back down to earth?

Facing every expectation in the world and every dagger of anger from the sports world the Miami Heat entered the season as Public Enemy Number One.  They carried that target through a rocky start to hit their stride at the perfect time.  What was expected to take a few seasons will be happening ahead of schedule.  There's a ring for the King and his court.  The Heatles will celebrate eight days a week as they lift the Larry O'Brien Trophy.  In a rematch of the 2006 Finals, the outcome remains the same.

Prediction: Heat 4-2

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