Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Everyone has opinions. It's what makes things interesting at bars and in debates. This site has always been my sounding board for my opinions and I haven't shared any for a while so here we go as I correct that:

*Joe Flacco is not worth anywhere near the money that was dropped on him. He had one of the luckiest post seasons I have ever seen. Had DBs remembered how to play the deep ball (looking at you Denver and San Fran) he's still a game manager. In the end that's all he will eer be.

*I am completely apathetic about not only the World Baseball Classic but Major League Baseball. It has nothing to do with how poorly my Pirates will probably play and everything to do with how stupid and long the regular season is.

*Lebron James not being in the dunk contest is not only a non-story but it's absurd that it's already being discussed. Shame on you, ESPN, for driving that narrative.

*The Heat are peaking too soon.

*The team in the sport I won't discuss are peaking too soon.

*The NFL Draft this year will be a waste of time. There may be two franchise players taken in the first round. The rest will be decent or busts.

*Alex Smith to the Chiefs is a dumb move for the Chiefs.

*College basketball is a crap shoot this year. May not even do a bracket.

*The NBA Draft this year will be as pointless and watered down as the NFL Draft.

*I hate non-Olympic years. Passionately.

*Highlight feels are overrated.

*Ray Lewis is proof that you can do horrible things in life and be rewarded handsomely.

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  1. I agree with you on some of these, like the Flacco money.
    The draft wasn't a waste of time, may not have had the best talent or a instant superstar but it wasn't a waste.