Friday, February 12, 2010

February 12th, 2010

Holy crap people! Oh my God!

We could have snow, people! SNOW!

Tiny snow made big.

Now everyone needs to panic! Right now! At this moment!

But before you press that Panic Button...

Hold on...
Let me tell you about the last time I was in snow. It was just about two years ago...

Yep. That'd be right.
I was in Pittsburgh for, unfortunately, my Grandfather's funeral. It was an unplanned trip, otherwise I wouldn't be up there in February. A few days after landing, and the stresses of a passing loved one really began to sink in, it began to snow. And snow. And snow. Let me share some pictures with you:
First off, my grandfather's shed as the snow began. All of his various yard and car equipment was stored in here. The place still exists and still smells lightly of his cigarette smoke.

The snow began to gather and come down harder as I made my way down the road to the pond down the road from my grandparent's house in the small town of Rennerdale, part of Carnegie, outside of Pittsburgh.

I encountered some racist ducks on said pond.

A few nights later a good friend of mine in the area was nice enough to give me one of his tickets later that week to a Penguins vs. Bruins game to get away from the stress and tension that was happening in the family. Some pictures I took while at the Igloo.
A shot of downtown from the Igloo:

And finally, the Igloo itself as I approached through the snow and cold of February 2008.

I'm happy for the snow to come. I welcome the snow. I love it. I'm also glad that the mood will be much lighter this time around.
Come on snow, give us a pretty little land to wake up to tomorrow morning.

Citizen Cope- Let the Dummer Kick

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